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Find out what can be contributing to your depression, anxiety, mood swings, poor memory and attention, exhaustionsleep issues and what can help you heal

We believe that mental health issues can only be sustainably healed by treating their root causes

the biochemicalpsycho-spiritual, and lifestyle factors that can contribute to mental illness

and follow an integrative, functional medicine approach to mental health, which looks at all the factors which contribute to mental health symptoms, and suggest proven solutions

Psycho-spiritual issues can negatively impact your biochemistry and lifestyle/behavioural choices, creating a downward spiral for mental health

Imbalances in your biochemistry caused by genetic, lifestyle/behavioural, and psycho-spiritual factors – can negatively impact your mental health

Use MindHealth360 to explore possible contributors to your symptoms, some of which you may never have thought of, and find solutions and resources to help you heal

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